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Individual Therapy

Dr. Goldman works with individuals around affective (depression and Bipolar) disorders; anxiety disorders (phobias, panic, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive); attention-deficit; substance abuse and other impulse-control disorders. He will help them identify their goals in order to develop strategies with which they can achieve those goals.


Couples Therapy

Couples struggling with intimacy, communication, problem-solving or collaboration may find working with Dr. Goldman helpful to their relationship. He will also assist couples who are dealing with extra-marital affairs or those who have decided to separate and would like assistance in transitioning to co-parenting or need help to separate amicably.

Marriage & Family Therapy

Dr. Goldman works with parents struggling with out-of-control children, parenting children with emotional or behavioral disorders, and parents who have difficulty reaching consensus with their spouses to provide a consistent set of rules and expectations for their children.  In family therapy sessions Dr. Goldman may meet with parents alone, parents with children, and children alone in various combinations based on the family’s needs.

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