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Getting Started...​

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Dr. Goldman is currently NOT accepting new clients.

Before beginning treatment you may want to find out what you will be paying out of pocket.


If you want to save time, you can complete the registration forms before the first session.

Using your insurance

Although required less often than previously, some insurance plans require preauthorization before they will pay for services, and they may not accept retroactive requests.

Some plans have deductible amounts (some up to $3,000 or more) which will have to be paid out of pocket before the insurance begins to cover.

Most plans require clients to make a copayment towards each session which can be up to $40.

Before your first appointment, I recommend calling your insurance company (often the mental health number on the back of your card) and ask  1) If pre-authorization is required?  2) Do you have to cover a deductible?  and 3) how much you will owe as a copayment?

Disclosures of Protected Health Information With Consent:

Your protected health information may be used and disclosed by your therapist, and others that are involved in your care and treatment, for the purpose of providing health care services to you, to pay your health care bills, to support the operation of the physician’s practice.

Disclosure of Protected Health Information without consent:

Your protected health information can be released without your consent only where there is a risk of harm or a court order.  The potential risk of harm to yourself or others as assessed by your therapist would be discussed with you to the extent possible prior to a disclosure to an appropriate recipient. 

Electronic communication

Dr. Goldman will use email and text messaging to communicate around scheduling and coordinating contacts (i.e. for phone calls with outside contacts.)  However, because emails and text messages are stored on computer servers and confidentiality cannot be insured, it is recommended that no personal health information be included in any of these electronic communications.

Dr. Goldman does not "friend" any clients on social networks, as there would be a risk for clients to be identified as clients publicly, which would be a breach of confidentiality.

Cancellation Policy

Dr. Goldman requests that appointments be cancelled no less than 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment.  Sessions which are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to reimbursement of Dr. Goldman's usual fee amount ($120-$150).  

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